Metrocapital Lettings provides landlords and investors a stress-free tailored service towards managing their property and gives them the peace of mind that their property is looked after. We offer two modes of rental.

Mortgaged Properties

  1. We provide management to the landlord  and multiple tenants on individual or group tenancy with one professional level person per room using standard short hold tenancy contracts between the landlord and the tenant.  For our services we charge a  percentage fee based on the gross rents of the monthly paid tenancies for the  management of the tenancies and/or properties plus VAT (if applicable). If additional maintenance work is required, we charge (once landlord agrees to work and time and the reasons) on a half day work basis plus VAT. E.g. Heating Breakdown or plumping emergency etc.

Unmortgaged Properties

We typically Lease or Rent for multiple years 3,4,5 bedroom properties at the market rent and place our working professionals. We do all the hard work removing any hassle on your behalf. We offer the market rent on a guaranteed rent on a long-term secure basis (effectively becoming your tenant), whilst providing room rentals to our clients (made up entirely of corporate and professional workers).

If necessary we fully furnish properties and pay all the bills (including weekly cleaners). We do not charge our landlord fees. Our model is simple enough for unmortgaged properties;


1) Guaranteed monthly rent, paid on time every month for a long contract period.
2) Zero fees!  We do not  charge any letting agency fees.
3) Selection and background vetting of suitable full time working professional tenants to occupy the premises.
4) landlord can have monthly visits to ensure the property is being kept to the standard we would expect, and that our minimum requirements of the occupiers are being met.
5) 1st Line Management of Repairs  taken throughout the duration of the  lease contract.
6) 24 Hour Emergency Service responsive as required.

Our corporate tenant  service is, we believe, second to none with a very hands on approach. This can been seen in the number of properties which we have been asked to manage even though another agent may have found the tenant. There are no properties that we have let which another agent manages.

Our business focus is to provide company lets for Landlords and Partner Letting agents and we thoroughly reference tenants. We do not look after the students or Local Housing Authority profile tenants. Our profile of tenants tend to be fully employed white collar employees who work for established companies.

We focus in London and home counties with particularly attention to within North London, West, South West and South, South East London and Surrey areas where the density and demand is highest.

Barnet Borough
Lambeth Borough
Fulham and Hammersmith Borough
Chelsea and Kensington Borough
Wandsworth Borough
Southwark Borough
Merton Borough
Kingston Upon Thames Borough
Richmond Borough
Other Surrey Boroughs

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries
or to arrange an appraisal of your property.